Where are your boards made?

Our boards are fulfilled by Syndrome Distribution in Vista, California. You may know them as the sole distribution for the likes of Stereo, BLVD, Lurkville and many other well known brands :)

 Hi Backyard, will you sponsor me?

The short answer is no. We are not actively looking to expand our team with random strangers we meet through social media. In fact, most of our riders are long-term friends and those who were not took the initiative, (albeit through social media) to build connection with our brand, engage in our activity and have tested our products. Do the same and who knows what could happen. Anythings possible!

How fast are your bearings?

Although speed is of great importance to us we do not measure the quality of our bearings simply based on how "fast" they are or the ABEC rating. Come to think of it, we don't even sell bearings! Maybe one day though ;)

If I can't be sponsored by Backyard, how can I be involved?

We're always looking for creative ways to expand. This means taking inspiration from all mediums. Send us an email if you think you have what it takes!